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The Lowdown on Leasehold Reform

If you’re considering buying a new home, particularly a new build property, you may have come across ‘leasehold property’ for sale on new developments. There has been quite a lot of bad publicity about leasehold property.



5 key tips for getting your property ready for sale

Thanks to our love affair with property-related TV, we know only too well that getting your property ready for sale involves a good deal of primping and preening to your home.



Polictical and think tank opinions on Brexit

A campaign has been launched by a group of cross party MPs who wish to relieve this pressure on ministers over Brexit by forcing a parliamentary vote as to whether the UKs plans post Brexit should be revealed. Nick Clegg has argued that the date given by Theresa May is a “huge setback to Brexit negotiations” and that nothing meaningful will happen until the end of 2017.



Brexit Predictions

It is extremely hard to predict what the long-term impact of the Brexit vote will be. This is particularly the case because the result was so close, with the ‘leave’ vote winning by 51.9% to ‘remain’s’ 48.1%.



Brexit What is happening now?

Following the UK’s referendum, which resulted in a vote to leave the European Union, many people questioned whether the right outcome had been reached. After the decision had been announced, three million people called for a second vote, however to date no such referendum has been made.



The Build Up To Brexit

Before the in-out EU referendum of 23rd June 2016, there was a great uncertainty over the impact that each outcome could have on the UK economy, including the housing market.



Beware of Fraud in Conveyancing

Fraud can affect all aspects of our economy and unfortunately conveyancing is not exempt from this. Conveyancing as an industry is very attractive to a potential fraudster due to the large amount of monies going between conveyancing firms



What it’s like to be a ‘Newbie’ at Dezrezlegal

So what makes a thirty something year old mother of two make the decision to walk away from an upwardly mobile career in Estate Agency into an entry level Conveyancing position?
Moment of madness or possibly an early mid life crisis you may think? but no the answer is simply, a rare opportunity.



A Supportive Work Environment by Christina Howells – Administration Assistant

I had been working at dezrezlegal for two and a half years as an Admin Assistant before I was suddenly taken very ill resulting in a stay in intensive care. It may sound like a normal desk job but Admin very rarely have a day just sat at their desk. A normal day would consist of opening the post, scanning it all in, making sure it gets to the right team and then filing it away, we also send out the initial paperwork to all new clients, process the paperwork once returned, log on the sales memos, send out all mail. It doesn’t sound like much when you say it out loud but when you are doing it just after being poorly it does put a huge strain on you.



Children v’s Children Break

Over the last few months I have taken my one-year-old and two-year-old away on two long weekends and I can honestly say I have needed a break once I got back home. The initial stress begins days before you set off as you are mentally preparing a list of items to take such nappies, wet wipes and snacks just to forget sun cream and have to panic buy sun cream at the service station which you have to re-mortgage your house in order to meet the payment.