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5 Key tips for getting your property ready for sale

Thanks to our love affair with property-related TV, we know only too well that getting your property ready for sale involves a good deal of primping and preening to your home. Decluttering, freshening up, adding ‘kerb appeal’ – Kirsty, Phil, Sarah, Kevin, George and the rest of the gang have been generous with their advice over the years: there’s no point re-doing the kitchen, they tell us, but popping in brighter light bulbs is a must to brighten up dark corners. There’s a host of this ‘cosmetic’ advice available online – but there’s another side to getting your property ready for sale, just as important as keeping the skirting boards clean! Here at Dezrezlegal, we’ve put together our own 5 key tips to help you get your property ready for sale.

  1. Check you can afford to move

Not what you might immediately think of if you’re already lingering longer than usual in front of the estate agent’s windows, repeatedly checking properties online, but there’s no point getting your property ready for sale if you can’t afford to move. Factor in the immediate costs of sale – estate agents, obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), legal fees, your removal costs. Consider the costs of buying your next home too – including stamp duty which may apply depending on the price of the house you’re going to buy. Comparing the running costs of your prospective home with your current home is another useful exercise to carry out – will you be able to afford to live in your new home?

  1. Review your current mortgage

Unless you’re in the lucky position of being mortgage-free, check your current mortgage early on when you’re getting your property ready for sale. It may be possible to transfer your existing mortgage to your new property. Equally, if you’re going to change lenders, your current mortgage may lock you in to a deal that includes an early release fee.

  1. Find all your paperwork

It’s a tedious job – but you really have to do it. All those documents that you’ve shoved in the back of a drawer over the years. Yes. All of them.  Now is the time to get out all your paperwork and get it organised. If you’ve had any work done – replaced windows, rewired the electrics, built an extension – you will need and planning of building regulation approvals. Warranties are important, any NHBC certification that’s in date…we could go on. It’s worth looking at a checklist, like the one we at Dezrezlegal have put together, as you carry out this exercise to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

  1. Choose the right estate agent for your property

Not all estate agents are the same, and it’s just worth making sure you find the right agent for you and your property. While we could write a whole blog about this, for now, as we’re looking at how to get your property ready for sale in more general terms, we’ll just cover the main points. Get recommendations from friends or colleagues who have recently sold properties in your area. Get at least 3 valuations of your property from different estate agents and find out what they will charge to sell your property. Consider whether to market your property through one estate agency, or whether to go for a ‘multiagency’ approach. Study the contract carefully. You get the idea.

  1. Choose your conveyancer early

Taking the next step on the property ladder is an exciting (daunting?) prospect, whatever your situation, whether your family is outgrowing your current home, or you are looking to downsize to enjoy a new phase of your life. You can reduce your stress levels by choosing a trusted conveyancing firm to handle the legal side of your sale smoothly and efficiently. If you’ve lined up a conveyancer as part of the process of getting your property ready for sale, you will be in a great position to proceed. You’ll show your buyer that you are committed to the sale. It will also make your own offer up the chain more attractive.

Invest some time in getting your property ready for sale, mow the lawn, keep the windows sparkling clean, and make sure you are totally organised and ready to go when the magic offer comes in. All your effort will pay off – and you’ll have sold your house and be moving in to your new home before you know it!

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