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holiday dezrezlegal

The summer is here and it’s the time of year where many go away on holiday, abroad or domestic, for a peaceful and relaxing time to help relief the tension of everyday life. This is clearly not the reality for those with young children.

Over the last few months I have taken my one-year-old and two-year-old away on two long weekends and I can honestly say I have needed a break once I got back home. The initial stress begins days before you set off as you are mentally preparing a list of items to take such nappies, wet wipes and snacks just to forget sun cream and have to panic buy sun cream at the service station which you have to re-mortgage your house in order to meet the payment.

Once you arrive at your destination then it is pivotal that you make the most of your time not for yourself but for the kids so you dump the non-essentials in the room where you are staying and take what you need for the day ahead. It is during the course of the first day as a parent you see cracks in the children’s routine. Meal times turn in snacks, one sleep in the day turns in three short naps and order completely disappears.

stressed parents dezrezlegal

When you are back at the hotel after a long day this is just the beginning of the end as you try and claw back any form of routine by bathing the kids and getting them in their pyjamas. People with no children make me laugh when they complain about stress as they have never had to bribe a two-year-old with chocolate late at night in order to be quite enough that so their one-year-old sister can go to sleep only to have the two-year-old refuse to sleep in his own bed and end up being woken up with a little humans foot in my face during the night.

After an action packed weekend, it’s time to go home and all involved are sleep deprived and want to be anywhere else rather that a Peagout 207 stuck in traffic on the M25, M3 and finally the M4. Even though you feel like you haven’t had a break and you have a mountain of washing to do late on a Sunday night before a full week of work its more than worth it when you think back and remember the look of excitement of your daughters face when she first saw a sea lion and the look on intrigue of your son when he first saw a tarantula. Stressful times, good times and the best of memories…bring on next year.

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