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The weather outside may be turning blue, but it would appear so is our mood. Blue Monday is the name given to the most depressing day of the year, usually falling on the third Monday in January, this year it will be Monday 18th.

The press jumped on the term in 2005 when it was used as part of an advertising campaign for a travel firm.   The firm claimed they had a scientific basis to their reasoning based on an equation using, for example, debt at this time of year, post-Christmas blues and the length of time to next pay day, however, as you can imagine, this does not hold up with most scientists. But for those whose last pay day is a distant memory, the next one is still too far off to feel comfortable and the credit card bills are landing on the doormat, it has a ring of truth about it. Add to this dark nights with no Christmas sparkle to brighten them, failed New Year’s Resolutions, weight gain, and Dry January, and it is no surprise that we aren’t feeling on top of the world.

Rather than feeling down about it maybe we should look at all the money we will save and the weight we will loose from not buying and drinking alcohol over January. Give our houses a good scrub down and make them cosy in these winter nights which will also give us a head start on the spring clean. On the rare dry day, wrap up and go for a walk, it is cheap and will make you feel so much better. And remember…Easter is early this year!

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