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Gina our Legal Operations Manager recently attended Es Firo Festival

For many people when they go on holiday, experiencing local culture to them is eating the local food or visiting the local monuments and museums. I have recently been on holiday to Mallorca and was lucky enough to be there during the weekend of the Es Firo Festival that takes place in Soller annually every May attracting over 4000 people.

The main day of the festival takes place on the Monday, and involves the local people of Soller and Port de Soller re-enacting the invasion of the Turkish and Algerian fleets of pirates and their successful defeat that took place in 1561. The local people get dressed up as both invaders and locals in traditional costumes of the period with realistic and historical episodes that recall the fights between the Moors and the Christians at specific locations within and around Soller.

We witnessed the main event which is a battle in the Port in the afternoon and was glad I was prepared (as much as I could be) for the afternoons festivities. The re-enactment of the battle started by boats firing back and fore across the shore before the pirates invading the shores, met by the local towns people in period costumes.

The battle made its way up from the port into the town of Soller causing chaos as they marched, finally meeting in the town square where the final battle was acted out between the Pirates and the Sollerics with the locals finally taking victory. At this point everyone starts celebrating together with the celebration continuing into the early hours of the morning. Lots of traditional costumes, face paints, fireworks, wooden swords, shotguns, fire crackers and a slight disregard for health and safety made this a fantastic experience and I unknowingly learnt a lot about the local culture and history all at the same time.

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