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fiona jenkins dezrez legal

Fiona Jenkins one of sales referral managers explains about the health benefits of taking time off and shares her recent holiday experience.

A study recently found:-



  • That the average blood pressure of those who took their vacation time dropped by six percent while the dutiful workers who stayed in the office and continued to work rose by two percent over the same period of time.
  • That the sleep quality of people on holiday improved by 17 percent whereas the sleep quality of the people who stayed back home to work fell by 14 percent.
  • That the ability of people who went on holiday to recover from stress on the stress-resilience test improved by 29 percent where there was a 71 percent fall in stress resilience scores among workers who stayed at home.
  • Researchers also tested the participants glucose levels and found that going on vacation triggered a fall in glucose levels, therefore reducing vacationers risk of diabetes and obesity and boosting their mood and energy levels.


We all need time off to recuperate from our busy lives, so I decided to go to Centre Parcs (Longleat).  We stayed in a lodge in the woods, where we had wine and good food with some friends. The whole place is fantastic for all ages.dezrez legal fiona jenkins

You can either walk everywhere (I recommend a pair of wellies, especially going the beginning of February) or catch the land train. There are two things I would recommend you do when visiting. They are to go to the swimming pool where it has some awesome slides and rapids. Word of warning it’s faster than you think and you may take someone out along the way!dezrezlegal fiona jenkins

I would also recommend the pancake house, which is all you can eat…what more do you want? Lots of pancakes, chocolate sauce and sweets. There is also an entertainer called Nutty Noah. (Not quite sure how to describe him to you, he is something else.) He had us all in stitches but I can’t say any more as it will give the show away if you do go.

We all loved it so much we are going back next year and I am now ready to get back to work and sell, sell, sell!

For help moving contact Fiona and the team 

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