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rugby dezrezI have been brought up from a young age to perform as a team member, all through the sport of rugby. Having played every sport you can think of, rugby is by far the best in my opinion. I recommend it to anyone who likes being physical (no footballers) and working as a team to achieve a win week in & week out. I spend the majority of the week/weekend muddy from head to toe (mainly due to Welsh weather) training hard with friends I’ve grown up with preparing for our opponents every Saturday afternoon.

I’ve always enjoyed playing rugby, there is a various mixture of feelings on and off the pitch, good and bad that seem to overwhelm me. The feeling of winning has to be the most satisfying feeling, knowing that your hard work in training has paid off and seeing everyone’s morale lifted. Losing also has its place as it motivates you to work harder for the following week, however win or lose a beer after the game is one of my most guilty pleasures – any excuse to have one on the weekend!

I remember being in my teens playing a sevens tournament in Kidwelly, so many people came to watch it I’d never seen a crowd like it. The weather was also perfect for the tournament which made the day that more enjoyable. We managed to get to the final and win the whole tournament out of over 30 teams around Wales – I have the glass trophy somewhere which is collecting plenty of dust to prove it, that feeling of winning that day will never leave dezrez legal
Growing up as a rugby player has taught me valuable lessons in life which eventually intertwined with working day to day, I feel that by far are the most important are:-
Teamwork & respect for others.

I believe that these are the main things to have in both rugby and in any working job, start your young ones sooner rather than later and watch them turn into a true Gentleman/ Lady.

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