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The evidence is all there now, I can’t avoid it anymore… and as the saying goes the goose is officially fat and therefore I have accepted that it’s Christmas. It came to the point that we dragged out the large dusty box of decorations from the attic and smothered our house with Christmas. Although I have to say, this year is a bit different for two reasons: firstly, my son who is 3 now finally understands about Santa and secondly, it’s our first Christmas in our new house.

My son has learnt everything about Christmas in the last month or two…Santa, Chimneys, Reindeer, Presents and Christmas Trees. They have been focussing on this in nursery and he has excitedly learnt the songs. We have taken him to the Christmas parades and lights switch-on. To give you an example of his progress, a month ago I asked him what present he would want for Christmas and the response he gave me was “a green one”. A week ago, i asked him again and he replied “chocolate”. This week he has stumbled upon the ultimate toy catalogue – Argos. Need I say more!

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Anyway, all this information must have been circling in his head and he was pretty excited that he was going to get presents from Santa. Adding to the excitement is that, unlike in our old house, our new house has a chimney, so Santa would definitely be able to squeeze himself down there to deliver the all-important presents to him. He also has picked the place where his stocking will be hung so Santa can fill it with treats. And then it came, the question that he had been pondering, was voiced to me.
“Mummy, will Santa know where we live? He might give my presents to the man in our old house”.

Once the thought arrived and settled into his mind, you could see that it terribly concerned him. We have not lived in this house very long at all, only a few months and the old Christmas videos he has been watching (on repeat) shows our old house. All this is still very fresh in his mind. How will Santa know we have moved? Does his check list of boys and girls have our addresses? How will he know how to deliver presents to my son.

Well, I do not suppose he has the phone book to check. In any case, we are not in it. The conveyancer in me would hope that Santa would have free access to Land Registry, but this would not guarantee we actually live here. Do we have to write to Santa to lodge our change of address like we do with all the other utilities/companies? If so, I am obviously a bad mum as I have not done so. I cannot set up a re-direct like Royal Mail allows and even if I could, it would certainly delay arrival of his presents to the next working day. That’s too long for a 3 year old.

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So, having had this important fact made very clear to me…I feel I have to regain my child’s trust by ensuring Santa does arrive at Christmas Eve with all of my sons presents, even the green and chocolatey ones. I need to contact Santa to tell him where we live.
I imagine this is also a concern to all children who are staying at relatives or going on holiday for the season. I wonder how their parents set up the present drop with Santa. Is there some kind of database I have to register and complete? I have asked Mr Google, but he doesn’t give me any answers. I feel this is something I should already know, but as a first time mum in this position, I don’t know. Who will tell me?

We will write to Santa and tell him where we have moved. Royal mail, I already know, have a free mailing system to Santa, so we know they are in direct contact with him. We have arranged a “Breakfast with Santa” at our local garden centre so he can have quality time with him. Santa is visiting his nursery so he can get an extra word in there. I have also promised extra “Santa stop here” signs on our house; even against arguments from Daddy!

Well, there is nothing more I can do…is there? No doubt my son will have a lovely Christmas. He already is jumping out of bed in the morning to open his Chocolate advent calendar. As soon as we put the Christmas tree up, he ran over to the Chimney to see if Santa was on his way down!

And I end with this: I wish you all a merry Christmas and wherever you are celebrating this year…make sure you tell Santa!

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