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aby bater

The Perfect Dinner Party Guests by Abby Bater (Finance and Admin Manager dezrezlegal)
If you were to hold a dinner party and you could have any 3 guests, from any time in history to present day, whether they be dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
Well, having pondered this for a while, I think I have managed to whittle my guest list down to just 3. Here goes…..
st david attenborough

1) Sir David Attenborough. The man is a living legend. He has travelled all over the world and seen sights most people only dream of. I think he would be a really interesting person to sit around the table and chat to. He has such knowledge and passion about the natural world and I think I could listen to him talk for hours about his life and experiences.

Although I do recall that most of his nature programmes used to be on TV around teatime and always showed gross images such as a Blob fish laying eggs, which was enough to put even the sturdiest stomach off their food.


henry 8th2) Henry VIII (a few years before he died). History has remembered this King unfairly, he was allegedly a fine sportsman and hunter, well educated and supposedly handsome man. I am fascinated with history and his reign in particular. Id like to find out if he was anything like history described him and what life was really like during the Tudor Period.


will ferrell3) Will Ferrell. I find this man so funny. He would be the perfect final guest to compliment the party. He would bring a touch of comedy to the table. Just looking at his face in pictures makes me smile so I can imagine how he would be in person.
So there we have it. My perfect guests for a dinner party.

It would be even more perfect if they each brought their favourite dish with them. Stephen Fry, David Bowie and Dawn French nearly made the list, perhaps they can come to the next one I have.

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