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I had been working at dezrezlegal for two and a half years as an Admin Assistant before I was suddenly taken very ill resulting in a stay in intensive care. It may sound like a normal desk job but Admin very rarely have a day just sat at their desk.

A normal day would consist of opening the post, scanning it all in, making sure it gets to the right team and then filing it away, we also send out the initial paperwork to all new clients, process the paperwork once returned, log on the sales memos, send out all mail.

It doesn’t sound like much when you say it out loud but when you are doing it just after being poorly it does put a huge strain on you.

Throughout this whole period Dezrezlegal made life a little easier. I was told there was no rush to come back to work and when I did return to work, the support offered to me in the workplace was amazing.
dezrezlegal support
My hours were reduced slightly as I was getting tired easily and I wasn’t allowed to do any elements of the job that required me to be away from my desk a lot. At no time did I feel the need to rush my recovery. I feel the support offered to me by Dezrezlegal aided my recovery.

It just goes to show that a supportive workplace can improve your life during a bad time, in and outside of the workplace. The commitment Derezlegal showed me during that time has made me want to show the equal amount of commitment back to them every day.

A recent review of over 70 scientific studies investigated the effects of organisational support after an illness , along with the factors that can increase perceived support in the workplace.

The main effects are:
• Increased commitment
• Improved job satisfaction and mood
• Increased interest in work
• Increased performance
• Decreased psychological strain
• Increased desire to remain working for the organisation
• Decreased withdrawal (including decreased lateness, absenteeism and turnover)

It just goes to show that happy staff do truly provide better quantity and quality of work.

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