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Seeing as the film awards season is upon us, we thought it might be nice for you to see Dezrez Legal’s top 10 legal movies, as voted by the Dezrez Legal team.

We’re sure all of these films would love an Oscar or two but all we’ve got is a Dezee!

With no further ado…

10. The Firm (1993)
Adapted from John Grisham’s best selling novel, and starring Tom Cruise and Gene Hackman, the Firm sees a Harvard law graduate join a leading Memphis law firm. It appears to be the dream job, but as the story unravels we quickly learn that all is not as it seems.

– Holly Hunter was both Oscar and BAFTA nominated for her brilliant performance as the brave and sassy Tammy Hemphill.

liar liar9. Liar Liar (1997)
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone always told the truth? Or would it? Jim Carey on top form in a highly entertaining comical tale. This one’s more than your average giggle, it’s got a message of true morality at heart.

– Maybe that’s why we chose property law? At least it’s honest!

8. Legally Blonde (2001)
A fashionista embarks on a legal career to get her own back on the man who dumped her. It turns out she’s far from superficial as she climbs the legal ladder with ease. A fun and light comedy driven by a great performance from Reese Witherspoon.

– One of our team found inspiration to complete her law degree through watching this one. Now if that isn’t the sign of a good movie, I don’t know what is.

7. The Insider (1999)
In the fight against big tobacco, this Oscar nominated drama/thriller stars Russell Crowe and Al Pacino in a captivating and shocking tale of corporate corruption and illegality, all designed to keep you hooked.

– Nominated for 8 Oscar’s and 5 Golden Globes, The Insider is one not to be missed.

6. A Time to Kill (1996)
Another John Grisham adaptation that finds Samuel L. Jackson playing a man accused of murdering the two racist men who raped his 10 year old daughter, sparking the rebirth of the KKK. We know he did it, he shoots them in front of the court, but is he right to do so? Well, in a word, yes!

– Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey and Sandra Bullock all star in this disturbing Mississippi tale.

erin5. Erin Brockevich (2000)
An epic true story about one extraordinary woman’s fight to take down a power company found to be polluting the local and therefore her children’s water supply. Her fight became one of the biggest class action lawsuits in American history.

– Julia Robert swept the board with her performance as the inspirational single mother turned lawyer, winning the Oscar the BAFTA and the Golden Globe for best actress.

4. A Few Good Men (1992)
After the death by hazing of a marine, the army, lead by Jack Nicholson, closes ranks to protect it’s own and frustrate the legal system. Tom Cruise and Demi Moore lead the battle for the truth in this brilliant and tense courtroom drama. Winner of the Peoples Choice Award USA for favourite motion picture in 1993 and nominated for a host of Oscars and Golden Globes, there’s no way this one wasn’t making it into the top ten.

– “I want the truth!” So do we Tom, that’s why we stick to conveyancing.

3. Devil’s Advocate (1997)
A gifted young lawyer learns that if you dance with the devil you will inevitably get burnt. An absorbing and sometimes horrific tale of how the legal system and society itself can fly in the face of morality.

– Charlie Theron, Kiano Reeves and Al Pacino make this movie a must see for fans of genre fusion as we see the horror movie seamlessly meet the legal thriller like never before.

2. 12 Angry Men (1957)
A young man accused of murder in what on the face of it seems to be an open and shut case. A dissenting juror sticks to his guns and eventually gets the other eleven men to see that the case before them is far from cut and dry. 12 Angry Men is a real classic that expertly captures the claustrophobia and tautness of the jury room in a murder trial.

– Henry Fonda won the best actor BAFTA and the film received three Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, in 1958.

And the Dezee goes to… drum roll please…

in the name1. In the Name of the Father (1993)
Containing one of the best courtroom scenes ever committed to film, this biographical drama stars Daniel Day Lewis as Gerry Conlon who was falsely convicted of the Guildford pub bombing in 1974 as part of the Guildford Four. An acting master class from Daniel Day Lewis, the late great Pete Postlethwaite (as Gerry Conlon’s father) and Emma Thompson as the courageous lawyer who finally sees the truth prevail.

– You might have a closet full of Oscar’s Daniel but now your life must be complete. You’ve won a Dezee! Contact the office for your pipe and slippers.

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