Purchasing a Property 

Securing your biggest asset


Finding a buyer for your current property and having your offer accepted on your dream home feels like you're almost there. Sometimes it can feel as though the conveyancing process gets in the way. But making sure that all the correct checks and measures have been carried out is essential when you consider that buying your home is the most significant financial commitment you are likely to make, and the property you own is almost certainly your biggest asset. 

We partner with Infotrack to bring you the most comprehensive search options and results. Giving you a detailed understanding of the asset you are buying, ensuring your purchase meets your needs. A second search policy covers their searches, which provides another free set of searches if ordered within six months of the initial order, should you decide that your original property isn't for you.


Our Conveyancing specialists will review the Title for your purchase property, together with the results of your searches and ensure that they meet the needs of you and your lender. Protecting your interest and financial security by securing a good Title should you want to sell at a future date. 

Typically, the process takes between 12-20 weeks from accepting your offer to completion. The timeframe will vary from case to case depending on the complexity of the transaction, the number of links in the chain, and how quickly you provide the requested information. 

Our online portal allows you to view your transaction 24/7, while the use of digital documents makes form filling and signing a breeze. Your allocated team of Conveyancing professionals will guarantee eight calls at crucial points of the transaction to ensure you are in control and fully informed. Of course, the team are happy to help should you need assistance between these calls.