Our Fees

We work hard to make sure our fees offer value for money

We understand that it is important to get your financial ducks in a row when you move home and have a thorough understanding of how much it will cost. Dezrezlegal offer value for money by providing expert property legal advice on what is likely to be your biggest financial asset, your home. We will always keep the legal costs and disbursements associated with your transaction to a minimum while ensuring that we can provide a first-class level of service. 

At the start of your transaction, we will provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible of the reasonable legal fees and disbursements involved. The legal cost estimate that we provide is not intended to be a “quote”, as there may be unforeseen costs and disbursements that arise throughout your transaction that we would not have been aware of at the start.

Our Average Legal Fees

Between 01 September 2022 and 31 August 2023, our average legal fee has been:-


Freehold Sale Transactions = £1,012.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Sale Transactions = £1,143.00 plus VAT

Freehold Purchase Transactions = £1,140.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Purchase Transactions = £1,261.00 plus VAT

Freehold Remortgage Transactions = £348.00 plus VAT

Leasehold Remortgage Transactions = £536.00 plus VAT

Please note that estimates are calculated using the information you provide and must be read in conjunction with the Transparent Services & Related Fees list provided below.

Transparent Services and Related Fees

A comprehensive and transparent list of all possible additional services and fees that could arise in relation to your property transaction can be found here.

This cost information must be read in conjunction with your Legal Costs Estimate. The vast majority of the services and fees detailed in the additional services and fees list will not be relevant to your transaction.


It is important to us that we communicate with you well and that you fully understand the service we are providing. As such, we will always inform you of the need for any potential additional legal work and/or disbursements as soon as we become aware of them and before you incur the charge.