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Lock in your new rate sooner


Your mortgage is probably your most significant financial commitment. It makes sense to review it at the end of each mortgage term, usually every two, three or five years. People switching lenders can secure a better rate, release equity, or benefit from a more flexible mortgage that offers early repayment options.

Mortgage Lenders will often offer you free legal services as part of your deal but think carefully about what you want from the process before accepting. Conveyancers appointed directly by the Lender act for the Lender and not you; their fee is usually negotiated based on volume which can impact timescales. If you instruct a conveyancer to undertake the remortgage work yourself, you and the Lender are represented. You'll have to make sure that the Conveyancer you choose is on the Lender's panel and able to accept the instruction. Dezrezlegal can act for all the major UK banks and build societies. 

The timescale for a remortgage to complete is between 4-6 weeks if you are able to proceed at the point of instruction. Our online portal allows you to view your transaction 24/7, while the use of digital documents makes form filling and signing a breeze. Your allocated team of Conveyancing professionals will guarantee five calls at crucial points of the transaction to ensure you are in control and fully informed. Of course, the team are happy to help should you need assistance between these calls.